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How to distinguish toggle latch quality stand or fall

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Author : Susan
Update time : 2020-09-29 15:59:02
Start with the surface treatment of the product: good plate to make the product is the surface is very smooth, plus electroplating is very smooth.Poor plate to make the product is potholes, even plating several layers is that, because plating will not fill the surface defects.Some will also give birth to small bubbles or yellow and so on.These are all signs of defective goods.
Edge and inside
Start at the edges and inside: Good products are made with burrs so they don't scratch or look ugly.No matter how long the good mold is used, the products will generate burrs, so we need to deal with them.Poor product production is not surface treatment on the direct assembly, so you can save a part of the cost, use up will scratch hands or difficult to open, this is called cutting corners.
The thickness of the material
From the product material thickness: often people see is a good product material thickness, use for a long time, the poor product thin, cheap, not for a long time on the broken.Buckle likewise reason, good product material is thick, bear force is strong, use frequency is much, life is long.Poor product material thin force is weak, so it will be deformed easily damaged, less use times, short life.
Parts assembly
Starting from the assembly technology of each part of the product: the good or bad of the product, the life of the product is long or short, the assembly technology and the assembly of the parts has a great relationship.A good product assembles each activity detail is quite freely, the rivet and the spring are all custom-made according to the product dimension standard.Poor product assembly is either too tight or too loose, the gap is too big up and down from side to side shaking, rivets and springs are also non-standard, which will reduce the quality and life of the product.
Inner quality
Start from the internal quality of the product: good products do not need to spend in the beautiful external packaging, good-looking durable packaging is a lot of manufacturers deceive consumers commonly used means, stand the test of time is really good products.
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